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《新會員》註冊立即贈$50元 購物金

《週三免運日》 全館滿$399,超商取貨免運

Horned Frog Export Trade

Pacman Taiwan legally imports and exports all kinds of amphibious reptiles

We export to countries such as China, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Europe, and the United States.


We can legally export to your country through formal customs clearance, providing you and your customers with the safest and highest quality service.


We ship from Taiwan to destinations around the world every month, with years of experience in transporting frogs, we know how to reduce the risks involved in the transportation process.


We have a clear understanding of flight information and use the most appropriate packaging to cope with different climates in order to avoid shaking and unnecessary stress to the frogs during transportation.

Each delivery has the following requirements.

1. Safe and protected professional transportation packaging to reduce the risk of frogs in the transportation process


2. Clearly understand the flight schedule and rules, so that the sending procedure is really punctual, there will be no extra waiting in the sending process, and all orders will be delivered in the fastest way.


3. The packaging of the horned frog is individually packaged for each individual. The packaging requirements are ventilated and stable to avoid shaking during transportation and avoid unnecessary frights of the frog. Even if the frog is transported over long distances, there will be no discomfort or injury.